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Our Mission is to offer you a professional and innovative anti-spam solution, including industry-leading antivirus protection from Avira.
EMFABox protects your e-mail server and your network by filtering the incoming and outgoing e-mail traffic.
EMFABox will remove spam and viruses before infected e-mails can reach you.





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Pricing plans for personal and commercial email protection. Painless refund guaranteed.

Starter Plan
  • Domains: up to 3
  • Child Servers: 0
  • Email: Unlimited
  • Support: Basic
  • License Duration: 1 Year
Basic Plan
  • Domains: up to 5
  • Child Servers: 0
  • Email: Unlimited
  • Support: Basic
  • License Duration: 1 Year
Premium Plan
  • Domains: up to 10
  • Child Servers: 0
  • Email: Unlimited
  • Support: Silver
  • License Duration: 1 Year
Expert Plan
  • Domains: up to 20
  • Child Servers: 0
  • Email: Unlimited
  • Support: Silver
  • License Duration: 1 Year

More About EMFABox


Protecting Your Documents and System from Cyber Attacks through Email You get thousands of emails every day. The potential for just one of those nasty viruses to go through your email triples each time you or one of your employees opens a potentially devastating email. So what do you do? If you are smart, you look for an email gateway that will scour and scan for viruses before they reach your vulnerable email servers. Email delivery gateways are designed to block and scan potentially hazardous viruses, spam and spyware.
EMFABox offers this service to businesses worldwide to help them with configuration processes and procedures. Your exchanges are vulnerable. You need to have the necessary tools to fight off cyber-attacks and still be able to conduct your business. This protection doesn't just include ordinary company emails.
EMFABox guarantees to help you resolve security issues involving free mail addresses such as gmail, hotmail, gmx and yahoo.

EMFABox is easy to use. They can set up different filters for admin folders with anti-virus and anti-spam filtering systems designed to block and scan emails. They can also help you configure your user panel so it is more efficient at blocking spyware and malware. Blacklists and whitelists can be scanned and configured to accept additions and deletions without compromising security. This is critical for the smooth function of all your systems. Security breaches cost. You want the protection and peace of mind a robust email delivery gateway can give you.

Benefits of Blocking Spam

If you utilize email for any length of time, you're going to be hit with spam. Some spam is malicious in nature and can ruin your appliances, wreak havoc to your network and destroy your credibility. Other than getting rid of your system and wiping everything, your best bet is to block spam entirely from entering your email. Of course you may not be able to block all spam. Spammers have been quite adept at creating legitimate emails with unknown spam messages.

Benefits of Blocking Viruses

The biggest issues with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) are the ease in which viruses can be transmitted from one email server to another in an exchange. SMTP, used since 1982 to transfer emails from one location (server) to another location can be compromised severely with simple email messaging systems. Malicious viruses, once they are in your network, can rewrite code, damage documents and wreak havoc with the physical functionality of computers and other connected devices. Anti-virus software and applications can only do so much when the virus has already infiltrated the system through email. Having an email delivery gateway can help you avoid the expense and hassle of cleaning up malicious viruses.

Benefits of Protecting Free mail

There are definitely huge benefits for you when you protect your free mail from spam, viruses and spyware. The gmail antivirus scanner does a good job at scanning most ordinary spam and viruses, but won't catch more sophisticated viruses and spyware. Gmail does offer gmail antivirus protection that goes beyond their normal free spam and scanning service. Global Mail Exchange (GMX) also offers antivirus scanning for their email system. Antivirus gmx promises to eliminate malware by actively scanning and blocking potential spam and viruses from getting to your email box. The antivirus Outlook 2013 does a relatively good job at scanning and blocking viruses. Hotmail antivirus protocols have recently been overhauled due to complaints, but could be more efficient. Improvements to the antivirus yahoo mail have caused some issues to pop up in filters. The fact is that none of these free mail systems can effectively block all spam, viruses and spyware. EMAFBox provides an email gateway that effectively blocks spam emails coming from free mail systems as well as company based email systems.

Benefit-Easy to Use

Ease of use is definitely a big selling point for this system. You can with these gateways choose which email marketing providers to accept, increase performance of your emails and sort through accepted vendors. EMFABox offers the email solution that is best for your business or organization. It works with your existing set up and has unlimited email processing capability.

Benefits of a Separate Admin Panel

Admin folders are often set apart in an admin panel that is separate from the operations panel. This helps distinguish between working documents and other documents. You don't want to think about the operations side of the system while you're working on the admin side of the system. The separate admin panel has your various taskbars and links to databases. The operations panel usually isn't seen, but works in the background to ensure all tasks are completed in the system. The purpose of email gateways are to provide background scanning and virus control through a series of steps designed to block spam, viruses and spyware from entering the network.

Cost saving benefits

EMFABox costs less than other compatible anti-spam and anti-virus email systems. Customers often look for a bargain in regards to email security and anti-spam devices. EMFABox provides safe and secure email gateways that block spam, scan for viruses, filter emails and block spyware for pennies a day. Considering that it may cost you thousands of dollars to recoup from damages due to security leaks, it's prudent to at least consider trying EMFABox.

Our Contributors

A team of hard-working enthusiastic people who helped this product come to life

Dominik Hayder, Sales
Michael Pap, Developer

Technical Specifications

Unlimited Email Processing
Multiple Domain Support and Multiple Domain Administrators
Multiple Antivirus Scanning Support with Avira and ClamAV
Industry-leading antivirus protection with Avira
Spam Checks - Catch Rate of more than 99,9 %
Phishing Checks
Malware Checks
Domain Age Checks, TLD Blocklist, Country to Domain Blocklist
Local and Public Realtime Blacklist Checks
LDAP integration with Microsoft Exchange
Seperate User- and Administrator Portal
Our Services
EMFABox is a professional and innovative anti-spam solution, which protects your email server and your network by filtering the incoming and outgoing email traffic. It will remove spam and viruses before infected emails reach your email server. The EMFABox email gateway will be supplied regularly with updates so there is always the latest protection against: Spam, Viruses, Phishing, Spyware, Trojans. Emails that have exceeded a defined threshold will be moved to the personal quarantine, the user will be informed and these emails can be easily managed by the user himself.
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